Is there assembly required?

There is some assembly required. This involves attaching the foot ramp and end caps, inserting the seat guide bar, and clicking the handrails into position. An Assembly Manual and online assembly video are provided to you for step by step support

Is there a height requirement?

The DB Method machine is designed for users at least 5 feet tall.

How much does the machine weigh?


What is the maximum user weight?


Is there an age requirement?

We recommend users be at least 16 years of age.

How long is the recommended workout?

We recommend at least 10 minutes a day, 3-4 days a week. Use it more for even better results. Consistency and dedication are key to achieving exercise goals.

Is the tension adjustable?

The DB Method is a patented device that has 220lbs of pre-set resistance built into the tension rod. After much design and engineering this was determined to be ideal. Resistance above that makes the exercise easier, not harder, as the resistance would be pushing you up instead of your muscles doing the work.

The resistance system is not adjustable but has dual-functionality that actively engages muscular force on both the descent and ascent. This dual-functionality gives a subtle assist to those who may need it on the way up while offering those who do not need/want the assist an additional force to resist on the way up – the slow burn. It’s a great tool for all fitness levels.

Why do you call it a “modified” squat?

It’s a twist on the traditional squat, which is why we call it a "modified" squat. With traditional squats the quads are the prime mover and most people are quad-dominant. With The DB Method we are shifting the body's center of gravity, isolating the glutes to make the glutes more of the prime mover, while reducing stress on the knees and back.

What are the dimensions of the machine?

When assembled the machine measures 45” long x 19.5” wide x 35.5” high.

When folded the machine is 7” at the highest point.

What are included features of the machine?

Steel frame

Padded seat and handrails

Hydraulic resistance system

Folds easily for storage

Wheels on back end caps to roll into storage

Storage Strap included

Assembly & Instruction Manuals included

What is The DB Method 30-day Money Back Guarantee?

With The DB Method, you enjoy a full 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not happy with your DB Method machine, which can help you tone, tighten, and lift your butt, you’re welcome to return your machine. In order to receive a refund of your purchase price (less s&h), returns must have an RMA # and must be returned within 30-days of receipt in its original conditioning and shipping box. To request an RMA #, simply call our toll-free, friendly customer service 844-484-2028, no questions asked.

Is The DB Method a patented device?

Yes, The DB Method is at the cutting edge of innovation and this revolutionary device is protected by its utility patent, US Patent No.: 9,375,607 B1